The fishing fleet from Anacortes is one of the most unique in Washington State. All four companies specialize in light-tackle salmon fishing in San Juan Islands. Trolling with down-riggers, light-weight jig rods, and top of the line electronics set the Anacortes charter fishing fleet apart from the coastal charter boats. The vessels are well-maintained, fast, and comfortable, and the captains have over a hundred year’s combined experience in the San Juan Islands.

The winter king salmon fishing in the San Juans produces some of the largest Blackmouth on the west coast. Over the past decade the spring Ling cod fishery has become a fishing opportunity that brings in fishers from all over the world. July, August and September are the months where you’ll catch the largest King salmon of the year. Limits are common in August and September when the Pink and Coho salmon arrive.

Fishing the calm waters of the San Juan Islands you will also experience a huge diversity of wildlife including Bald Eagles, Orca whales, seals, porpoise, and many varieties of sea-birds. After fishing with the guides of Anacortes you'll wonder why you ever thought of going to Alaska.

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